Omfg a friend wants to actually come over And hang out and who’s the same grade level as me and half Filipino!. Which will be weird because those who come over are usually a grade or 2 below me and are non Asian.. But any ways, no one wanted to hang out with me this whole summer except my favorite freshman. Except She’s still exploring Europe until Saturday. Soo I’m interested on how this will turn out.


"At least you love me." I say to my pet as I hold them against my chest as they try to get away


don’t you ever feel there’s a lot of teenagers out there having the time of their lives they are rich and famous and then there it’s you


you always gotta keep your opponent on their toes. unless your opponent is a ballerina, that is where they are most powerful 

❝ Forgive someone because you believe they are truly sorry, not just because you want to keep them in your life. ❞

— (via ispeakquotes)


*pretends to understand the movie reference you just made*